Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

It takes 2-4 sessions Sessions

During the SMP treatment, we will be building the appearance of hair follicle fullness, creating a new hairline, as well as

adding density to your crown and temples as needed.

In your initial session, the replicated hair follicles, or “dots,” are placed further apart for us to gauge correctly how the pigment settles into your skin and allows us to adjust from there.

Over 2-4 sessions, hair follicles are replicated using microneedles, carbon-based ink, and a detailed “dotting” tattoo

method to deposit ink into the papillary layer of skin, just below the epidermis.

We then perform second and third treatments to blend and add density to the results of your first session. Should further

blending be required, we will schedule you in for an additional session accordingly.

How the skin accepts the pigment is a major factor in determining the final number of treatments required and varies from client to client.


On the Day

If you are getting a density SMP treatment on long hair, please come in with clean and dry hair.

If you intend to keep your hair short for us to recreate your new hairline, you could shave your hair to 0.5mm to 1.0mm length.

This allows your natural hair follicles to be more visible, allowing us to match the color, size, and density. If you can’t be bothered shaving before your appointment, we’ll shave your hair down to an appropriate length for you on the day.

Please do not razor-blade shave your hair for 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Your hairline will be designed in accordance with your requirements, face shape, and natural hairline before starting the procedure. The options range from soft and staggered to crisp and defined; the choice is entirely yours.

Our suggestion is to allow 7-14 days in between treatment sessions to allow the pigments to settle and skin to heal. This will help us fully gauge how your skin reacts and adjust accordingly. The pigment deposited during the treatment may take up to 7-10 days to fully settle.

Redness occurs anywhere from 2 – 24 hours following treatment. A loose fitting hat may be worn. The amount of pain you experience during treatment varies from person to person but is described as a 2-5 out of 10 around the hairline and temples.

All persons must be 18+ as per Victorian Government regulations.

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