SMP Colour Matching

When it comes to colour matching, at Coastline SMP take immense pride in our ability to achieve the perfect match for all hair types, including vibrant red, ginger, and blonde tones. We understand that hair colour is a dynamic and multifaceted blend of tones, ranging from dark to greys and even shades of silver blonde.

To ensure an impeccable and natural-looking result, we often recommend trimming your hair to that ideal length, giving it a cool 5 o’clock shadow appearance. This allows your hair to take on a subtle and cool grey undertone, creating the ideal foundation for the SMP process. Throughout each SMP sessions, your artists will make adjustments to the ink, ensuring it seamlessly blends with your unique hair colour. These artistic touches truly make a world of difference.

Our commitment is to get every detail right and provide you with a personalised SMP experience. We are dedicated to creating a realistic illusion of natural hair, regardless of whether you have dark, fiery, ginger, or blonde hair. Our goal is to go above and beyond in making your SMP journey truly amazing as you embark on a renewed sense of self. Get in contact.

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